Why The Hobbit Is Serve As The Best Movie?


The director of the film the Hobbit: an unexpected journey is Sir Peter Jackson. The story is based on the novel named The Hobbit, and the author was J.R.R. Tolkien. The premiere of An Unexpected Journey came in New Zealand on November 28, 2012. On December 12, 2012, the film was intentionally released. The film got hit and surpasses every movie released in that particular year. The film was also nominated for several awards, such as Best Production Design, Best Visual Effects, and Best Makeup and Hairstyling. Not only that, but the film was also nominated for nine Saturn Awards and three BAFTA Awards.

The movie is better than The Lord of the Rings in many ways. Today, in this, we will study the reason behind the Hobbit is better than the lord of the rings. There are many reasons behind this, but we will discuss some of them in detail. No doubt both films have great popularity and got hit for their own reasons. But for comparison, we should know how it is better than the lord of the rings. This is fun to watch after some thrilling sports betting games via fedoraunityแทงบอล.

Why is the Hobbit better than the lord of the rings?

There are five such reasons for the Hobbit to be better. So let’s discuss these reasons one by one in detail for a fair comparison between the two:

Fun in so many ways

People often watch movies for fun and entertainment. They don’t find the movie interesting if it is serious and does not involve any fun. The heavy concepts movies are not understood by everyone. Only some people are interested in the serious and heavy concept’s movie, while others find it boring and a waste of time.

The main reason for the Hobbit to get hit is because it serves fun in so many ways. It is based on the dangerous greed power compared to the critically acclaimed cousins, a movie the Hobbit could be lighter and involves much fun. The movie named the lord of rings deals with very heavy and lofty concepts. Because of these heavy concepts involved in this movie, you need more concentration and focus on watching this movie.

Design according to the fan service

At first, the rings’ lord gained much popularity and became the popular franchises and highest-grossing film at the multiplex. The director of the film, the Hobbit, i.e., peter Jackson got the idea from the most popular film what their fans want to see, and by keeping in view those things, he directed the Hobbit movie by putting those things in it.

In the lord of the rings movie, the fans loved Legolas, so peter Jackson tries to give Legolas an essential role in creating the fan’s interest. Fans also find the battle sequence of The Lord of the Rings impressive, so Jackson made a battle sequence of mammoth-size in the third movie to increase the fans’ interest in the Hobbit.


Finally, these are some of the ways the Hobbit is considered better than the lord of the rings. Peter Jackson had made every possible effort to make this movie exciting and worth watching.

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