The Hobbit-Different Lessons It Teaches


The novel is nothing but a story that a writer writes that can either describe his own life or the life of others. It can be either based on a real-life story or an imaginary life. There are various famous writers that usually write the famous novel.

Every novel normally teaches us one or the other lesson of life. “The hobbit” is a fictional novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien. It is one of the most famous novels among all the generation people and the best-sold novel in history. This novel teaches us the lesson of trust, bravery, and friendship.

This is a novel that revolves around the story of main character Bilbo who usually stays at home and lives a quiet life in one of the city of England. One day he started a journey and experiences a great adventure. This novel teaches us many lessons of life:

    • Bilbo was a character who stays typically at his home only, but one day in order to help his friends; he stepped out of the house and started enjoying the adventure of life. He realized that living in just a home is not living a life. Life is about going out and enjoying it.
    • When you enter a situation, then only you can develop new ideas to come out of that situation. Even if you know the world and when you will go out, you will only realize how critical the situation is how you can handle that.
    • When we enter a worse situation and we cannot solve it alone, and then take suggestions from different persons on that condition so that you can solve it in a better way.
    • When you are in a group, and you caught in a difficult situation, they don’t think another person as low also take the advice from the person as he might understand the situation in a better way.
    • We also learn from this novel that coming out of your comfort zone is sometimes a good thing, as this will help you discover yourself and build self-confidence in you, and you become brave to handle all the coming situations of life.
    • This option also teaches us the lesson to help your friends when they are in need; no matter how problematic you are, you should always be there to help them.
    • When you realize your worth, it will be the ultimate happiness for you, in the novel, when Bilbo killed the spiders all alone without the help of any person. This is the first time he released in life that he is capable without depending on any other person.
    • When you don’t face the fear, it is not called your courage, but you will be called courageous when you face the fear.

In short, this novel teaches you many lessons in life. These lessons will help you in living a happy and prosperous life. It would help if you kept friendliness, courageousness in your nature.

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