Hobbit: There and Back Again


J.R.R Tolkien writes the hobbit novel, an English author and writer, and Peter Jackson directs the movie. The movie consists of three highly advantureful children’s fantasy film, and the rings’ lord follows this story. 

Hobbit novel is written and published in 1937, 21 September. Fran Walsh, Jackson, Guillermo del Toro, and Philippa Boyens write the screenplay. The movie follows Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, who is on the run to take back the lonely mountain, undertaken by the dragon Smaug.

The first part of the movie is premiered on 2012, 28 November at embassy theatre, new Zealand. The second part was released in 2013, 2 December at Dolby Theatre, California. And the final part was released in 2014, 1 December at Odeon Leicester Square, London.

Chapters published in novel

There are a total of eleven chapters, which consist of the whole novel.

    • Chapter one:  started with the hobbit Bilbo, as Gandolf, the wizard, invites him to join forces within an adventure, but Bilbo denied the proposal. On the other day, the wizard meets dwarves who believe that Bilbo can help them.
    • Chapter two to four: the dwarves, the wizard, and Bilbo traveled out of the hobbit and reached the lonely mountain in the east. But the dwarves were caught and tied in sacks and planned to roast and eat them. But the dwarves were rescued by Gandalf and Bilbo. After that, they reach the misty mountain where they get shelter in a cave from the thunderstorm. 
    • After breaking the cave, they got gold and weapons by which they helped themselves. After that, they all stayed at the Elrond’s house, who is an elf leader. They give them the ancient swords known as orcrist and glamorizing to help them defeat and kill the dragon. The difficult map was also translated by Elrond, which clarifies the importance of Durin’s day, the first day of dwarves’ new year. Using glamorizing, the great goblin was killed by Gandalf and freed dwarves and Bilbo. The travelers got their way, but Bilbo lost his consciousness and falls on his way. When Bilbo regains his consciousness and puts his efforts to reach out from the cave, he finds a ring in his pocket.
    • Chapter five to six: it is a theatrical moment in their adventure as Bilbo’s ring gives him the power of invisibility when he wears it. In the latter half, Bilbo encountered Gollum, a killer who murders and eats goblins. They exchange riddles at that place, and at that point, Gollum got to know that Bilbo has the ring that can give him the power of invisibility, and Gollum was very much interested in that ring. But somehow, Bilbo escaped from Gollum’s hand, but the dwarves struck there, but later, Bilbo was able to secure the dwarves from Gollum somehow. 
    • Chapter seven: Gandalf disappears in this chapter and does not reappear until the battle of five armies.
    • Chapter eight:  this chapter, elves were caught by thorin and later found by Bilbo and dwarves.
    • Chapter nine to fourteen: all the dwarves were captured and put into the 

Dungeon under the place of Elvenking. Later they encountered the dragon, Smaug. And they later started to cover the lonely mountain because Smaug was guarding the treasure. After the battle, Bilbo leaves with Gandolf.


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