Complete Guide On The Novel “The Hobbit”


Hobbits are a fictional human-like race that is usually half of the height of the human. They usually prefer to live on the side of the foot in the underground houses which have windows. Usually, they have no beards, fat, wear bright colors .they eat a lot, and they move quickly and quietly.

The Hobbit is a fantasy novel by JRR Tolkien. It was published in 1937 and became very popular at that time. It even gets nominated for the Carnegie medal and was finally awarded a prize for best New York herald tribune.

Bilbo is the main character of the novel. The story revolves around the dangerous circumstances that are faced by the character. As his journey moves on, each chapter of his story includes a new adventure, and by experiencing them, Bilbo grows in both character and maturity.

Narrator: this novel is humorous and playful. Usually, the comic voice is used in the novel, and in the novel, Bilbo is sometimes called “Mr. Baggins “or “the poor little fellow.”

Tone: the tone used in the novel is light and casual. This tone encourages the reader not to take the story of the novel too seriously. Only in some cases, the narrator has used a darker tone.

The summary of the story:

In this novel, Gandalf, who was a wise and ancient lizard, encourages Bilbo to organize a tea party for the group of dwarfs. After getting an idea, he conducted a party as he was unaware of its primary motive.

There was a lot of fun and entertainment at the party. As the party continues, the dwarfs sing a noisy song about how they will reclaim their wealth from the smaung and their old home in the lonely mountains. After listening to their song, Bilbo was surprised as Gandalf advised him to become the robber for the dwarfs and help them in their fight.

As Bilbo was not aware of the situation, it seems to him that he was tricked into the situation, but he also decided to help the dwarfs in their fight. They took a map and started their journey to the lonely mountain full of surprises and adventure. On their journey, they were captured by goblins into a dark and dangerous cave. Bilbo managed to escape from that cave, but he was lost, he keeps on traveling then he found a strange ring after some time.

This ring was magical, and by using it, Bilbo was able to become invisible and escaped from there and rejoined the dwarfs that were captured in the cave. Their journey to the lonely mountains again begins, and on their way, they will come across many spiders and other new creatures.

The climax of the novel:

Ultimately Bilbo was able to kill the spider in chapter 8, and after that, he gained a lot of confidence about his abilities as a good leader and hero. The battle of five armies is the central climax of this novel in chapter 17.

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