About Electronic Cigarettes: What Are They?


Electronic cigarettes are a fairly new smoking device and not well known to the majority of consumers yet. However, they are growing in popularity around the world very quickly. They are often referred to as e-cigs, e-cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes as well, so if you hear any of these terms just know that they are interchangeable.

The main purpose of these new cigarettes is to help smokers get away from traditional tobacco cigarette smoking since they contain hundreds of dangerous chemicals. E-cigs still contain nicotine and flavor, but they are produced by a water vapor, instead of smoke like the old fashioned type of cigarette.


Parts of an Electronic Cigarette:

All smokeless cigarette devices contain the same two or three basic parts. In the three-piece designs you will find a filter cartridge that includes the nicotine solution, an atomizer unit that holds this filter, and the battery that looks like the tobacco portion of a normal cigarette.

Other brands combine the filter and atomizer into one piece and call it a cartomizer. The only other part needed in these two-piece designs is the battery.

Starter kits also come with a battery charger to keep the e-cig powered up – a USB, car, or a wall charger. In addition, inside a new kit you will receive a selection of liquid refills for your cig.

Many brands are now making accessories for their electric cigarettes such as cases and other decorative items. As long as you pay attention to the specs on the accessories, you will be able to interchange brand made accessories if they are for cigs of the same size in length and width.

How an E-Cigarette Works

An e-cig is a simple, yet innovative device delivering a similar smoking experience to that of the regular tobacco cigarette. Users praise the throat hit, taste, feel, and satisfaction that they get with them as well. Let’s take a look at how they actually work.

The nicotine that is in the cartridge gets heated up by the atomizer and then generates a vapor that resembles smoke. The smoker then inhales the vapor getting the nicotine and experience that they crave. This vapor has no odor and does not contain any of the chemicals that regular cigarettes do.

There are automatic and manual vapor producing cigs available on the market today. Automatic electronic cigarettes generate the vapor through pushing a button, and the manual versions require the user to puff on the cig a bit first to get the vapor coming. The amount of vapor produced by each brand of e-cig will vary, so you will want to do your research before buying one.

The electronic cigarette industry has been advancing in recent days, so keep an eye out for new models, features and accessories.

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