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Isilya, 45th Yávië – Today in Middle-earth History

Third Age 3018: Gandalf, on Shadowfax, crosses the River Isen while traveling north to the Shire.

Gandalf and Shadowfax, by Ted Nasmith

Gandalf and Shadowfax, by Ted Nasmith

Anarya, 44th Yávië – Today in Middle-earth History

Third Age 3018:

– Four Black Riders enter the Shire. The remaining riders pursue the Rangers to the east.
– One Rider comes to Hobbiton and questions the Gaffer about ‘Mr. Baggins.’
– Frodo, Sam and Pippin leave Bag End for Crickhollow.
– Gandalf tames Shadowfax and heads north from Rohan for the Shire.

Black Riders in the Shire by John Howe

‘Black Riders in the Shire’ by John Howe

The sky was clear and the stars were growing bright. ‘It’s going to be a fine night,’ he said aloud. ‘That’s good for a beginning. I feel like walking. I can’t bear any more hanging about. I am going to start, and Gandalf must follow me.’ He turned to go back, and then stopped, for he heard voices, just round the corner by the end of Bagshot Row. One voice was certainly the old Gaffer’s; the other was strange, and somehow unpleasant. He could not make out what it said, but he heard the Gaffer’s answers, which were rather shrill. The old man seemed put out.

‘No, Mr. Baggins has gone away. Went this morning, and my Sam went with him: anyway all his stuff went. Yes, sold out and gone, I tell’ee. Why? Why’s none of my business, or yours. Where to? That ain’t no secret. He’s moved to Bucklebury or some such place, away down yonder. Yes it is — a tidy way. I’ve never been so far myself; they’re queer folks in Buckland. No, I can’t give no message. Good night to you!’

[The Fellowship of the Ring, LotR Book 1, Ch 3, Three Is Company]

Valanya, 42nd Yávië – Today in Middle-earth History

Third Age 3018:  Gandalf encounters the great horse Shadowfax for the first time. Shadowfax will not allow Gandalf to approach him. Gandalf follows the horse across the land of Rohan.

SHadowfax, the lord of all horses

Third Age 3019:  The Travellers return to Rivendell.

Third Age 3021:  Frodo and Sam leave Hobbiton for the Grey Havens.